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(Saturday, 6 AM)

Step into the wayback machine, Sherman... Nineteen... eightysomething!

- That big grin ain't 'cause you're glad to see me.

- Nope.

- And it ain't because you take great joy in bein' my alarm clock.

- Nope. And good morning to you. You've got about an hour. I know the kitchen won't be the same without me...

- I'm guessin' them shrooms are OK, then.

- So far. I left you some for tonight, in case you change your mind.

- Nuh uh.

- I'll be your sherpa. You'll have smooth sailing up your mind's Everest and into the bardos.

- Or something. Nuh uh. I'll be out in a couple minutes.

[1] Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, Roger Eno: "Under Stars", from Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks (1983)

- Whatcha lookin' at?

- Nice shades of green out there.

- Uh. OK. You stoppin' by Frank's this morning? This bag's almost shot. Pass me Blonde on Blonde, if you would.

- Don't like Eno?

- Well, yes I do prefer Zimmy over some bald Limey art fag, but I just wanna get some of these seeds out of the way before I roll a coupla... What is it y'all say in New York?

- "Jizoints"?

- Do you have a couple of rizoling pizapers as well?

[2] Karlheinz Stockhausen: "Studie I", for magnetic tape (1953)

- I'll pick up your paycheck while I'm there, just in case Roy doesn't wanna see your quitter ass... Y'know, if you apologize for walkin' out, you might could get your job back.

- I'll pass. It feels good to have my weekend mornings free again -- I can do stuff like this.

- Pass me that lighter.

[3] Sun Ra and his Arkestra: "The Beginning", from The Futuristic Sounds of Sun Ra (1961)

- Money?

- I can go for a few months before I'm broke, I think.

[4] The Boredoms: (dotted circle symbol for Disc 2, Track 3), Vision Creation Newsun deluxe edition (1999)

- This one's from the future.

- What is?

- Never mind.

[5] Miles Davis Quintet: "Sanctuary", live at Salle Pleyel, Paris, November 3, 1969

- Say it again.

- Say what again?

- You know. That little mantra.

- "I know what I'm doing."

- Yeah.

[6] Karlheinz Stockhausen: "Kontakte" (1959, excerpt), from OHM -- The Early Gurus of Electronic Music 1948-80 (2000)

- The hell I do. That's no mantra, that's something for my tombstone. I had no business doing those hits of acid last Friday when I had to be at work at 7:30 in the morning. What was I thinking?

- "I know what I'm doing."

- Famous Last Words. But it does feel good to not have to answer to an alarm clock.

- I bet everything feels good right about now, Giggle Boy.

- Yup.

[7] The Red Crayola: "Parable of Arable Land", from Parable of Arable Land (1968)

- Here, you do the honors.

- I can't without some matches or something.

- Here. Don't get all mesmerized by the flame.

[8] Weather Report: "Morning Lake", from Weather Report (1971)

- Once Dixon finishes his Midas Touches, you won't have to worry about money -- you'll be sippin' daiquiris on your tour bus.

- Oh really? And not as a stowaway?

- You'll head into Charlotte as Nobody, and you'll step out of that studio...

- With 40 minutes of Nothing to Write Home About. In stereo. I'm not even much of a fan of his. He should stay the hell out of Reflection Studios and just sell us the right to use his name on the album cover.

[9] Soft Machine: "Fletcher's Blemish", from 4 (1971)

- Of course, this is about as big time as hearing a CBA scout tell you you've got an OK jump shot.

- Or getting your play produced Off-Off-Off-Off-Broadway.

- But it might lead to something.

- Or a few more years of restaurant work.

[10] Slapp Happy / Henry Cow: "War", from In Praise of Learning (1975)

- When do you leave for Charlotte?

- Don't know. I thought we had a gig at the Milestone a couple of nights before recording starts, but I think the rest of the guys want to bail out on that. So sometime next week. Who knows? Who cares? Don't worry, I'll write you a check for the rent before I skip town.

- Moi? Worried?

[11] Pere Ubu: "Real World", from Datapanik in the Year Zero EP (1978)

- If you could dance like that without the shrooms, you might have yourself a source of income. Surely some village needs a new idiot.

- If you'd just retire, I'd have your job, and wouldn't have to relocate.

[12] Wire: "Lowdown", from Pink Flag (1977)


- Uh...


- Me?

- "That's the looooow-down."

- Okey doke. Men-in-white-coats time?

[13] King Crimson: "Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part II", live, 1973

- You better get going. I'll go see Frank when I'm on the coming-down side of all this.

- Try not to be all giggly and stuff when you're out on Franklin Street.

- Try not to forget to use some Visine before you get to work.

- Later, dude.

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