Computer set up as a display to show off features or whatnot. Unfortunately, "Display" usually consists of a Windoze operating system permenantly locked to the screensaver with a password. How bloody impressive is it to see the damn Maze screensaver all day long?

The impulse reaction to such a computer is to do something to either destroy it, render it useless, or make it look stupid.

Option 1 is easy; my brother is very fond of pulling a FORMAT C: on Windoze boxen on display in stores. Just make sure nobody's around to see you do it. Of course, nobody'll prolly question you if you're using that <sarcasm>magic text-based interface that nobody in their right minds would use nowadays.</sarcasm>

Option 2 is not quite as easy, however, if Windoze is Windoze, it happens naturally. Nothing sells computers faster than a BSoD!

Option 3 might be the most fun. This usually involves chaning the screensaver to read with some variant of "Best Buy sucks!". However, if you're really lucky, you can set up an "I'm an idiot" loop and watch the fun fly!

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