In the fantasy novels of Rick Cook, a modified version of Wiz Zumwalt's "Demon Deterrent Trap" spell, but modified; instead of driving away magical creatures, it destroys them. The author of the modified version is unknown.

The spell is invoked with the command words "demon_debug BEGONE exe!" (The "BEGONE" keyword is necessary to invoke the full destructive power of the spell.) When invoked, it drains magical energy from its target, similar to the energy-absorbing worm spells used by Wiz in his attack on the City of Night, until the target is destroyed. Only a very powerful protection spell will guard against the effects of demon_debug. When Wiz learned of this spell from Alaina the hedge witch, he became furious, calling it "magical napalm." It was the effects of this spell, emboldening humans to settle deeper in the Wild Wood, that roused the ire of magical creatures and threatened to start a war that might result in the world's destruction.

Wis and his fellow programmers solved the problem by coming up with a demon that demon_debug could not defeat: a banshee-like apparition that turned into a small, green, especially bothersome demon when attacked by demon_debug. These secondary demons, however, were vulnerable to ddt Release 2.0, convincing Alaina and other hedge witches that unauthorized spells were dangerous. (Alaina promised to burn every copy of demon_debug she could find.)

Wiz kept the spell, though, and later found a use for it; during the operation to destroy the demon Bale-Zur, Wiz first had to eliminate the hunting demon that responded to his magic. Protected within a pentagram done using the "traditional" magic style, he used demon_debug on the hunting demon and destroyed it.

Sources: Rick Cook, The Wizardry Compiled, The Wizardry Cursed

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