A form of high school and college debate where a Affirmative team consisting of 2 debaters presents a case with a plan to solve for something related to that year's resolution. The negative team, again consisting of 2 debaters, then present reasons why the Affirmative team's plan will not solve the problem. Common negative arguments include disads and kritiks Most arguments are backed up with evidence researched before the round. As a result of the huge amount of information being put out in a round, debaters must make close notes of the arguments which are known as flows.

CX Debate isCross Examination Debate. CX Debate is a speech event in which two teams of two people debate about a serious issue in the world. This years topic is that the United States Federal Government should establish a policy substantially increasing its support of one or more of these organizations: Americorps, Peace Corps and some others that I don't remember. A CX round usually consists of eight speeches, all about the topic. To make things more interesting, the affirmative team reads a plan to solve the problems in the topic. The negative team attacks this plan.

The affirmative team reads their plan in the 1AC, or First Affirmative Constructive. In my case, that is a plan to increase support of the Merchant Marines. The plan is attacked first in the 1NC(First Negative Constructive). The most common attacks are Topicality, which says that a plan has nothing to do with the topic being debated, Disadvantages, which say that the affirmative plan will cause bad things,(Usually, Disadvantages have impacts of nuclear war), Kritiks, which say that the affirmative plan is immoral and should not be passed, and Counterplans, usually run along with a Disadvantage, which are plans to solve the problems mentioned in the Affirmative plan, without incurring the bad things mentioned in the disadvantage.

The stock issues within the plan, Inherency, which is why the plan has not been passed yet, Solvency, which is how the plan will solve for problems in the Harms which are the bad things that will happen or are already happening. If you do not have a speech team in your school, or if the speech team that is there does not have a CX division, I strongly urge you to start one. I would be glad to help. If you would like to know more, simply message me and I will explain CX in depth. CX is a great way to learn, and a lot of fun besides.

As a member of a CX team, I should know. CX is also a college speech event, so if your college does not have a speech team or a CX team, then messageme and I will help you start one. (If your high school requires you to take electives, try to find a speech teacher and make it into a class.)

Flowing, making careful notes of the progress of the round, is OPTIONAL, no matter what Db8tr says in the other part of this node. I personally do not flow. Ever. Waste of paper, most debaters just dump them in the trashcan after the round.

CX, as well as being a fun event, is also a very profitable venture. For example, Princeton just offered me a $10,000 scholarship to debate for them. So, try to start a CX division wherever you are. It could benefit you greatly.

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