Woody Guthrie lost his childhood home in a fire.

His sister died after a fire as well, albeit much later, and a rumor circulated that his mother had started the fire herself. (She got Huntington's disease. So did he.)

After he grew up and became a folksinger, he was home most of the day taking care of his daughter Cathy while his wife Marjorie taught dancing lessons.

Once he was on the road, doing important folksinger business, and Marjorie crossed the street to buy groceries. She was not gone more than five minutes, in which time an electrical fire began in the apartment, and Cathy, 4, was killed.

Woody Guthrie also got Huntington's Disease, which initially presented itselfas an extreme mid-life crisis. He ran off to Florida with a 19-year-old girl and camped in the Everglades.

A couple of near-misses with campfires.

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