A primitive form of the broccoli plant that isn't very tasty. I'm told that the broccoli we get at the store in the USA is a genetic mutation of the raab plant. Note that some people spell it rabe.

DJ Barbie Smooth from The Sound of Urchin used to get the crowd chanting, "Oh-my-god-broc-ali-raab" during TSOU concerts. It led to a t-shirt with the saying on it. It's sold out now.

Well, no one can be right when it comes to taste. But I prefer broccoli raab (which I know as "rapini"). American broccoli was developed to emphasize the flowerets. The result is a stalk that must be peeled to be eaten, and fairly inedible leaves. I avoid this stuff like the plague. Broccoli raab has a much deeper and wider range of flavours, including bitter, something bread out of American broccoli. Chinese broccoli is nice as well.

A simple way to see if you like broccoli raab (rapini):
Saute it in extra virgin olive oil until tender. Sear it a bit at high heat, if you'd like. A bit of salt and fresh black pepper. Dress it with a bit of good balsamic vinegar and a bit more raw extra virgin olive oil. Serve on top of rice or with a pasta dish.

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