boss a man came to the door
tonight who said he knew you a long
time ago and was here to collect on
old debts now that you were
up in the world
i told him i was responsible
for most of your success so
maybe he should go away and
come back when i owed
him some money
nonsense says he i do not believe
a cockroach could make a
man famous
he must not have heard
the old maxim that behind
every good man s cupboard is
a vibrant colony of effer
vescent roaches
an old zen cockroach once
told me that one though i confess
i do not remember humans ever
saying the same thing from
my days as a vers libre poet
but then no cockroach has ever
talked about the strong
woman behind every man
i think maybe pride is a racial
thing and even the
politicians and judges cannot
change that boss
i hope you do not mind i
offered our guest tonight cake
from your fridge i know you said
not to let anyone in but
he was sad and i
was hungry


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