I was at a bar named for that man who killed our 35th President
(if there ever was a name stronger than Kennedy, it was Lee Harvey)
later talking about photography with a short pretty blonde woman
with a small, slightly charming underbite.

She knew I was a stereoscopist but I wasn't sure as to the extent.
When she finally showed up, those small scissored jeans and long wavy hair
distracted me enough to where I immediately broke character
admitting quietly about my sinus infection on our last date
when her and her sister were backing me into a corner;
she laughed casually, not really commenting one way or the other
we both seemed to mostly be happy in the other's company
like November 22nd, the day she went to art school in New York.
She said she liked close up of textures, skin, things to where
the object was relatively indistinguishable from the reality.
I said I liked empty industrial spaces and funny enough
sitting far behind her. these blackish, blue pods spaced out
in an abandoned field like blocky, ghostly woolly mammoths
extinct from the future. "Yeah, those are kinda weird," she said turning.

"Did you ever makeout with anyone in the darkroom?" I asked
and she said no but that there had been a time where a guy had tried to
as if by virtue of being in the darkroom with her, it had made sense.
She knew I was some kind of stereoscopist but without seeing any of my work
she was still ultra positive and encouraging about it, almost to the point
where it bothered me, to where I wanted to go out and find the most viscid
and fleshy alleyway just so that I could catalog it for her as if by
joining the two, by bringing Lee to the sixth floor, taking her into the darkroom
would be the actual accomplishment. some kind of bullshit the kids call performance art.

After listening to her talk about some interview with Derek or Darren in Denver
for fifteen minutes we got up and walked over to the parking lot where we stopped
at the corner and kissed for a little. I remembered something about her kissing
the previous time had been too aggressive as if her mouth was appropriating the
real estate of someone else but this time I explained to her I was stereoscoping
the entire thing and that if she didn't make an adjustments it would be recorded that way
permanently. After that we sat in my car probably until past 4am talking about things
I mentioned how I was going to have a hard time remembering what we had talked about
for my work. She never called me the next day, and I haven't heard from her since.

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