it finally happened boss earlier
tonight a lady conspired to
almost kill me she
crept in here with
an array of instruments which
would make a
doctor blush
i was having a little siesta i says
look here i was having
a little siesta what is
this all about

i am an entomologist she says
and you
are a blattodea it is as
natural as mummies and
sarcophagi we are sworn
enemies i have an
affidavit here detailing
the rest of this
well boss her papers are
all on the level the
spooks have sent her from
somewhere in iowa state to
study better ways of
ridding the cockroach
commencing with
yours truly

look here i
says is this
necessary maybe we
can come to some arrangement
i am short on grant money
but long on verse why
not a poem about youse
bluesy eyed by archy
enough talking she says
business is
business we cant let feelings
get in the way of
science i need a blattodea
and you are it so saying she
produces an implement
from her bag of
tricks i panicked but
quickly regained
composure that is a
mean fondue stick i says
will i be dipped in
or chocolate

well boss as you can see
my legs are unsaturated and
crisp as usual
so i may have
beat the rap this time maybe
some day i will tell you
how a new york blattodea got
an iowa entomologist to
mend her ways

by the way boss you neednt
worry any more about
sic ing mehitabel the
cat on that family of straggler
bugs who crawled
in here last week i do not foresee
more noise
from that corner

yr pal archy

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