Basically, a job for a software company that involves using the company's software for money. I am an applications engineer, and my job is broken down as follows:
  • 50%: Consulting in the use of the software for our customers. This means going out to the client, and
    1. Giving my advice on how to approach the development of their product using our software, or
    2. Actually building the relevant software component for our customer as a consultant. This may also be done from the home office.
  • 20%: Pre-sales: going out with a salesperson to visit potential customers. The salesperson tells them how great the product is, then I get up and explain why the product is so great.
  • 20%: Tech Support, if I'm not on the clock for anyone else.
  • 10%: Miscellaneous
The job description is not always as above. For some companies, applications engineer means only 'consultant'. For our main competitor, the applications engineers only do pre-sales.

Perks: Travel, respect from customers as an expert in your field, and you never do the same thing for more than a couple of weeks.

Drawbacks: An unpredictable schedule, no opportunity to actually work on development of the tool itself, and not much respect from your associates who do. Especially when you find bugs.

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