Continuing iterations of analysis that, while making your answer more accurate, prevent the submission of a final answer.

Solution: Sage CEO reminds you that it is better to be approximately right than to be precisely wrong.

Analysis paralysis, indeed, can be calamitous;
A mind that's elsewise fabulous is quickly made gelatinous
with waffling pusillanimous, which causes pain analogous
to dealing with some fatuous, insipid little fuck.

Though better than intransigence, besides impulsive accidents,
one's usual systematic sense is swayed by mental flatulence
enforcing strictest abstinence from coming to a preference,
no matter its irrelevance to anything at all.

Albeit rather blasphemous, or maybe quite antagonous,
and even if it's scandalous, 'twill surely be unanimous
that, faced with choices tantalous, we must make strives miraculous
to try embracing randomness, or else we'll go insane.

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