Do you think
I'd leave you by yourself?
Do you think
I'd let you deal with this on your own
I never try it alone
so why should you?

I can still join you...
...and try to make you smile
I can drop by the house
and ask about the job, ask about the fish, ask about the day
and hopefully open you up - if only for a moment.
I was never the one to walk by you with a snub
- in some breakfast night daze -
that makes it in the door but not in the home.

I am still here for you
to gather up your pieces-
scattered on the floor, under the nightmare couch
beside the odd cigarette butt on the hardwood floor.
You need to be free for a while,
not stifled in your own thoughts... and questions.
Have you ever thought that it might be fun...
to make some kind of mosaic out of the broken glass of your life?
What does that piece of glass look like?
Yea, you're right, it does... that's pretty funny.
I never thought I could laugh at my own troubles
when I was young, did you?

I'm the best friend you have right now -
because I want to be there
- while you're staggering around in your dangerous haze -
that takes your breath away and leaves you gasping -
falling asleep standing up -
trying to decide if you're crazy or not...
'cause I don't care if you are.
I'm not sure if that's enough
but it's OK if it's not - I want to be there

You can laugh at me all you like
You can call me a whore,
or old...
I don't need a kind word
if that's what it takes - to make you feel sane.

I always told you life isn't fair...
and we've discussed the evils of humanity
- of sanity-
of the world -
so many times it's become redundant.

But we're still making the rounds
by pounding on each others' egos with our wit and history -
we have so many axes to swing at each other
that sometimes I'm surprised we're still standing...
and if I didn't know better -
I might think that there was something
dark beneath our friendship...
why else would we give each other so many sharp things
with which to wound each other?
Maybe it's always been those stings and barbs that kept our friendship fresh.
Or maybe it's the fact that after this long
we still have something to talk about...

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