(I think that the name actually stood for Zero Population Change, which was chosen when ZPG was found to be copyright of someone else ... I'm speculating here, although I recall that the game was known as ZPG in development).

A (1995?) first person shooter for the PC based on the Marathon engine, which is roughly equivalent to the Build engine used by 3D Realms or LucasArts' original Dark Forces engine, but slightly rougher around the edges.

All of the artwork was done by Aidan Hughes (aka Brute) in the woodcut style he perfected on many a KMFDM sleeve and MTV logo animation. The game is full of red skies and monochromatic characters and landscapes, where the grim protagonist (a population control agent turned rogue) battles faceless henchmen. The whole thing looks like a propoganda film, with bleak industrial landscapes.

The idea of using the Brute style in a game is an awesome and inspired one, yet it proved too technically ambitious at the time. (Hey, maybe now that KMFDM have disbanded, Hughes'll have time to work on another game? :)

This is also the first game that I can remember that had lab monkeys wondering around ... they seem to crop up in almost every shooter these days.

If anyone can clarify which Seattle software house actually wrote this damn game, I would much appreciate it... was it Zombie or Bungie or someone else, or is one a subset of the other?

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