From a world where experience is necessary to participate and participation is necessary for experience comes a new idea. A festival to help theatrically inclined youth get experience by participating in something of their own creation. Since it was created by Emily Pearlman and Kinnon Elliot in 1998, Youth Infringement has been encouraging those aged 13 to 21 to actively pursue their creative ambitions. As Ottawa's only youth run festival, Youth Infringement occupies a unique niche in the theatre community. Everything from writing to acting, from design to directing has is and will be done by youth. This is a greatly empowering project that shows we can accomplish anything when we work together. One of the chief goals of Youth Infringement is to disprove common stereotypes of teenagers being a lazy, destructive and apathetic bunch. I think that this was disproved marvelously and after the performances, I beleive you will too.

(Borrowed from the 2001 Youth Infringement Festival Guide)

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