I thought about being helpful to society today. I thought that maybe I should make it a mission of mine to go to the Yahoo message board every day and try to teach some people some little known fact, or chime in on something that I knew enough about to be sure and confident in my knowledge, to be sure as to the accuracy of it.

But then I decided that it would be more worth while for me, to defile countless years of human evolution. I will guess that the reason why we ever evolved communication was so we could transmit truthful factual data to another human being. Once we start lying or spreading misinformation on purpose, we have just thrown away aeons of evolution. "What's the point of transmitting data if the data is corrupt!?" The whole point of even evolving speech and language has just been thrown out the window.

I suppose it must have started long ago, during the cave man days perhaps. "Food is over there.. across the valley, many moons walk.." One tribe would say to another.. But when that other tribe walked all that while, and learned that there was no food, and died of starvation I realized why people lie so much..

The truth tellers all died of starvation and became extinct.

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