Megabookstore, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Located on Edward Street, one block north of Yonge and Dundas.) Actually, the first large-format bookstore to be opened in Canada. It was opened by the then-existing Coles bookstore chain in 1980.

While the ownership of the store has changed a bit in the last couple of decades (the merger of Coles and SmithBooks in 1995, which created Chapters Inc., meant that it was then a part of the Chapters chain; the recent merger of Chapters and Indigo now means that it is under the Indigo Books umbrella), the store's style has changed little. While Chapters and Indigo stores, like their American Borders and Barnes and Noble counterparts, feature caf├ęs and plenty of seating areas, the World's Biggest Bookstore looks like little more than a glorified warehouse. Just two huge floors of books, books, books, books, more books, some magazines and other items, and even more books.

The film "Short Circuit 2", filmed in Toronto, actually featured a couple of scenes which took place in and were filmed in the bookstore.

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