Witch's Wake (in development time it was known with the title The Witchwork Series) is a series of Neverwinter Nights modules. The development is mostly done by Bioware's Rob Bartel.

The series is remarkable for multiple different reasons. First of all, they are based on a campaign world developed specifically for these modules. The campaign is notably more mysterious and dark than the Official Campaign.

Also of note is the heavy use of fan-created material. The Hardcore Ruleset (heavily customized version of late HCR), Inventory Spy, DM's Helper, Lootable corpses, Henchman Inventory and Battle AI extensions written by the users are being used. Also, in my opinion, the interviews of the creators of these custom content scripts has been among the most interesting stuff ever published on Neverwinter Wednesdays on the NWN website.

The first part was very different from the general theme of the official campaign, and generally speaking far more interesting. The conversations are be much more diverse than in the official campaign; everything is normally done in third person to give more descriptive feel. The character skills and stats are heavily used in the conversations (the official campaign only did persuade checks and such). The death system is similar to the Hardcore death system, except that you require no outside assistance to get back to the ranks of the living. You disappear to the Plane of Sorrows, where you need to go through a maze infested by creeps that try to rob you. Interestingly, some quests require you to die!

The first installment was quite rightly enshrined in the Neverwinter Vault Hall of Fame.

Witch's Wake 1: The Fields of Battle, released in December 18, 2002, starts from a battle scene. Wounded, you look at your Prince Ahmed, who gives you only one message to pass on: "she is dead". And the next morning, you wake up in pretty bad condition, everyone else around you dead, and your memories of what has been happening are completely gone. What is this place and what was going on?

Witch's Wake 2: The Witch Hunters sounds pretty interesting too, but regrettably, at the moment the develop seems to be suspended until further notice. The perils of lesser priority freebie projects... *sigh* I sincerely hope Bioware can get on with other products so poor Rob can get back to working on WW2!

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