Microsoft Windows and Linux compared in the context of tourism:

A Windows Tour of Italy

A completely guided tour of Italy, which you pay a high premium for. You ride only on Microsoft buses, and stay in Microsoft approved hotels. The bus stops only at approved tour spots. You are reminded every 3 minutes of the next departure time. Some tourist spots are totally dull and useless, but are included because two old men complained the last time. The bus often breaks down near the Coliseum in Rome, forcing you to restart your journey three days ago in Milan. You are encouraged to try the tour again in 2005, when the bus will be less likely to break down.

A Linux Tour of Italy

You are grabbed and stuffed into the trunk of a Mercedes, and driven far into the country outside of Florence. You are thrown onto the side of the road with a bottle of water, 50 euros, and a multilingual map of Italy. The Mercedes speeds off. You notice that it is dark. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

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