Dear God...I shudder every time I hear this song. A local "all-hits" station here in Ottawa (Energy 1200) made some kind of bizarre remix of this song during the Gulf War. They added in sound clips from the news and some whining kid saying "Where's Daddy?" and "I want my Daddy!".

Plus, my sister always listens to Casey Kasem's Top 30 show on the weekend and it's pretty much guaranteed that 3 times out of 4, Kasem is going to play this godforsaken song as part of some "Request and Dedication" know, the one with the Oprah letters where somebody is dead. Hey, if these stories are real and any of you actually made the dedication, I find it highly unlikely that your dead relative/friend is going to hear it if they're in heaven. No...heaven's a "good place". There's only one place this song goes to.

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