Dark, your soft breath in-out, behind me.
Touch of your hand on my back.

Lying on the couch watching films.
Your arm wrapped around me your head resting on my chest.

Long hair I bury my face into.
Soft smell, low noise as I kiss your neck.

Taste of toothpaste on lips.
As you stand in the bathroom I come up behind you, wrap my arms around your waist and kiss you as you turn your head.

It is not as though I expect failure in what I do. Not as if I am negative in outlook or that I take the worst view. But I question.

I ask.

What is it that brings you. That when you are with me you are with me. Heart.

What is it that loses you. That even beside me in the bed you might be too far away to touch.

Why are you here when you are with me, why do I lose you in the crowd when we are alone?

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