We know it has existed at least since Biblical times as it was eaten by the Jews... I think the history of bread can probably be traced to the history of flour... Is there really any other use for flour besides bread of one form or another and paper mache?

It probably started just with flour and water that was dried some how and through experimentation became the leavened bread we know today, but let's not forget unleavened breads such as tortillas.

Epicurious.com Says this:

A staple since prehistoric times, bread is made
from flour, water (or other liquid) and usually a
In the beginning there was bread.

The bread was named Mr. Bread. The bread did verrily blink and did not stop for many days. It did rain. The bread did blink once more and God spake upon Mr Bread "You bread, you have no ribs from which I may fashion another bread so that you may make sweet noisy bread love." The bread did blink.

God in his infinite wisdom did take Mr. Bread's eyes and fashioned one gourd and one wedge of cheese in the likeness of nothing else ever seen before for these were the second and third unique items in the universe following the bread and God (who shall not be counted for he is beyond the counting known by mortal man). Mr. Bread did scream in pain and he bleed the blood of bread and did say "You Bastard! You did steal my eyes!" However, God did not hear his torment for God had not invented ears and besides God never listened anyway.

God sampled the gourd and nibbled the wedge of cheese and he did proclaim;

"Me being the God type entity that I am and being infinitely wise with understanding in complex form beyond that known by any other entity, especially the stupid useless gourd, proclaim in simple archaic languages (only seen on the future objects known as American Movies) to the beings of earth, who do not exist as yet, that bread being ignorant in its making and cheese being wise in both form and in taste, that another entity known as Man shall inherit the earth encoded with a special bread making recipe, so that bread and cheese may one day live in harmony to please me and all beings forever more."

Once God had finished the bread did also not hear and the bread did die.

Thus it was that a single primitive man harvesting wild wheat did erroneously swallow a small poisonous bug and some yeasts that made him horribly ill and caused him to vomit wildly into a fire and thereby forging flour and yeast in God's image.

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