...it can go really wrong!

Neon signs are attention getters, make no mistake about it, but sometimes the loss of a letter here and there can have unintended consequences! Your "Self Storage" rentals might become Self storage and who knows where that might lead!?

Here are a few examples from real life with strike-through indicating burned out letters:

Petco Supplies and fish (at night becomes) ■■■■■ ■■■■lies and fish

Babcock Frozen Yogurt (becomes) ■■■cock ■■■■■■ Yogurt

Shell (becomes) ■hell

Morrisons (becomes) Mor■■■ons

Dynasty Buffet (becomes) ■■nasty Buffet

Rothschild Liquors (becomes) ■■■■■child Liquors

For Your Home (becomes) For Your Ho■■

Unisex Barbershop (becomes) ■■■sex Barbershop

Hotel Cass (becomes) Hot■■ ■ass

London Drugs (becomes) ■■■■on Drugs

And finally my personal favorite:

(Above billboard)

HILLSDALE (becomes) ■■■LSD■■■

(On billboard)

The Beginning Of Something Wonderful

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