Having to hear Hey, faggot! as you go to class.

Getting death threats as you leave class.

Having others talk in your presence about how the Holocaust was a good thing because at least the Nazis killed all the homosexuals.

That's what homophobia really means. The painfully amusing thing about this is I'm not homosexual; certain people in my high school merely thought I was, and I went to a good high school in many ways. I can't imagine what it would have been like if I was actually gay or at a school where fighting wouldn't be punished by expulsion. Certain lesbian friends of mine would have been disowned by their Catholic families if their parents knew the truth. There's a reason why a large portion of teenage suicides are homosexuals.

Yes, some asshole fanatic gay activists bandy this term around far too much; they're idiots. Deal with it. It's name calling. But last time I looked heterosexuals weren't having their heads smashed in by angry gays who disapproved of breeders. Gay murderers of heterosexuals never got off because they claimed Twinkies unbalanced their blood chemistry. Switch the sexualities of the examples and there is homophobia, plain and simple.

Right on, brother. You know, the nicest compliment I've ever gotten in high school was "Alex is a fascist homo!" scrawled in marker in a men's room stall. This was the culmination of a written debate conducted on the wall of said stall over a couple of days (we didn't have Usenet or Everything back then... Ale^H^H^H f1r3br4nd is an oooold geezer). My initial reaction was predictably anger... but then I found myself bragging about it to all my fellow activist kiddie pals.

"Guess what I found out today, Mike? I'm a fascist homo!"
"Really? I always had you figured for a socialist bisexual."

After all, if you've pissed people off enough that they write homophobic slurs about you on bathroom walls, you must be doing something right!

This reminds me of something a feminist thinker whose name I've unfortunately forgotten said to aspiring women activists: "If they don't call you a lesbian, you aren't getting enough accomplished."

--f1r3br4nd, the straight but not narrow, hopefully

Homophobia also affects straight people.

The kid in gym class who gets called a fag, because he's skinny and shy and horrible at basketball, has his ego severely damaged.

Two very close female friends feel awkward around each other and grow apart after they are accused of being a lesbian couple, and afterwards they are too afraid of ridicule to form close relationships.

Every single thing anyone says or does has more impact than anyone can fathom.

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