What I've Learned

I find simple things in a box, 
a lovely bouquet 
postmarked three days ago.

I find twisted pleasures in hiding places
I find dust in other peoples sorrow
I find nothing new in the chimes of pop music.
I find little to be amused with through love and hate
Emotions are compelling me to deal with them 
I'm busy trying to find 
ways out
paths around,
I'm looking for something old.
Something with knowledge of meaning.
I just want the earth to wrap around me
my gravesite looks like home.

In death we find comfort.
If we didn't want to die, why would we grow old?

Death is giving me a reason to live, because in the end, we all want to live.

Nothing morbid,
Death is like playing tag, you run from "it", but you really can't wait to be tagged.

I wrote this on January 20th, waiting for a friend to arrive via bus from Chicago. I had been anxiously waiting at the bus station for about fourty five minutes, all the while watching people get off and onto buses. Watching every passenger either say goodbye or greet someone who cared about them made me think about how people interact, how people drift through life with only a few interesting moments that stick with them. Like you think nothing of the bus ride of life, but the arrival and departure in lifes endeavors have no problem sticking out in your mind.

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