This is my last day of work. I am done. Finished. Completed. Ended. Fulfilled. Paid the Piper. Executed. Crowned my Edifice. Departed. Coup de Grace. Jogged my last mile. fait accompli. Achieved. Brought to pass. Discharged. Stepped out. Brought to a close. Ripened. Pulled the curtain. Exhausted my stay. Brought in the Harvest. Run my course. Given the final touch. Payed the bill. Reached the goal. Crossed the finish. Fixed, Clinched, Stamped, Set, and Sealed. Went the limit. Driven Home. Seen the fire and the rain. Carried Through. Played Out. Alea iacta est. Set to Rest. Polished off. Returned from the Tour. Drank the last Sip. Brought to a head. Knocked off. Disposed of. Made good. Scored the tie-breaker. Persevered. Put to practice. Terminated. Wound up. Closed. Released. Culminated. Performed. Accomplished. Fought the last Fight. Resolved. Concluded. Nailed the coffin. Put my heart to rest. Gone the whole hog. Braved the Storm. Proved my Worth. Persisted. Died in the last ditch. Kept my Course. Plodded. Went through fire and water. Through Evil report and Good report. per fas et nefas. Waxed off. Swam Unsunken. Through Thick and Thin. Held out. Expired. Cessated. Resigned. Issued. Quit. Over with. Surrendered. Handed in my chips. Veni, vidi, vici.

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