These are some ways that I know of cutting vegetables.

  • Wagiri: Round vegetables like daikon or carrrots are sliced into circles,to desired thickness.
  • Hangetsugiri: (half moon cut) Cut wagiri pieces in half.
  • Ichogiri: (fan shape cut) Cut round slices in quarters.
  • Shikishigiri: Cut into 2-3 cm thin square shaped peices. I think this cutting technique is called "ben" in Chinese.
  • Tanzakugiri: Cut width 7-8 mm, length 5-6 cm, thickness 1mm.
  • Nanamegiri: Slice diagonally. Use this style when cutting burdock root or scallions (green onions).
  • Koguchigiri : The same as wagiri but very thinly sliced. Chop scallions this way, starting from the root.
  • Hiyoshigigiri: Cut into 5-6 cm match stick length pieces, 5-6 mm thick pieces. (In French cuisine this is called "julienne".)
  • Chateau-giri : Cut carrot or potatos into football shaped pieces for "glasse".
  • Kushigatagiri: Slice round vegetables into wedges like a pie from the top.
  • Araregiri: Dice into 1/2 inch or 5 mm cubes.
  • Migingiri: Mince. Cut like araregiri but smaller.
  • Sainomegiri: Dice into 1 cm cubes. This style is called "tei" in Chinese.
  • Yakko: Dice into 2 cm pieces. Often used when cutting tofu.
  • Sengiri: Cut very thinly into 5-6 cm length pieces. This is called "su" in Chinese.
  • Rangiri: Cut into triangular bite sized pieces while rolling carrots or burdock. Cut round vegetables like potatos in half then into bite size.
  • Sasagaki: Shave carrots or burdock like you would sharpen a pencil with a knife.

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