I need to say this - its too much right now - If you dont like the node thats fine.

I'm sobbing so hard I can't see the keyboard.
I just read his node.
At the beginning it seemed it had to do with me but at the end it was her.

He still loves her.

He lied to me about the drugs and now this.
It seemed that the one time in our relationship that everything perfect - nothing really was.
But maybe I knew that it wasn't . On the surface I was so happy.
But beneath I was just waiting for the next time that he would surprise me with a Lie.

I don't know why I wasted so much time on him. Maybe I was hoping that deep down inside he really loved me. I mean he told me that he did so it must be true right?

He said so many things. But he is so confused. Why did i even believe him? So now in light of all that has been revealed to me, not by him but through friends and such, I wonder did he ever really love me?

Was it ever really there? Was there anything to our relationship?
I wish someday he could feel the pain that he has made me feel.

I wish i never had to speak to him again. I hope that tomorrow I wake up with partial amnesia and forget him.

I want him to go away.

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