A fictional TV series from the hilarious TV Go Home (www.tvgohome.com) spoof television listings website. The premise is simple: documentary film maker Roland Rivron tours the seedier parts of London, offering pennies to homeless people if they will masturbate on camera.

Variations on the theme ensue, in which Roland interviews people with the most depressing and degrading jobs in the world, including Mortuary Anal Hygienist Mary Jameson, mother of two, who must use her own forearms to perform her duties due to government cutbacks, and the Bestial Porn Fluffer. I had presumed the Bestial Porn Fluffer idea was entirely fictional until I read about Binatang bin Goncang, the man with "the worst job in Singapore" - check out the URL below to read about the man who has to collect sperm from all the animals in Singapore Zoo for breeding purposes. If our world becomes hyperreal enough for any amateur filmmakers to consider making an actual Wanking For Coins documentary, I'm sure Binatang will be first on their list.

If you laughed at this, chances are you will enjoy such Tv Go Home gems as The Muppet Schindler's List, Doogie Hauser's Tinfish Blast Zone and the immortal Mick Hucknall's Pink Pancakes.

The Worst Job In Singapore: http://www.studentmagazine.com/thisweek/thisweek_article.asp?articleID=213
UPDATE: Thanks to gn0sis I have just found out that the Singapore Zoo Elephant Wanker story is in fact fictional - Binatang bin Goncang literally means "animal wanker" and the whole thing is an urban legend according to this website: http://www.snopes.com/humor/iftrue/worstjob.htm

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