Walter's Mission was an oddball web page that appeared sometime in late spring-early summer 2000. A boy named Walter put up a home page on Geocities that proclaimed after getting one million hits, he would lose his virginity to one of two lovely girls. This number increased to four, but then went back down to two after Walter "discovered" that the other girls were fake. Frightening to some, fascinating to others, it managed to pull in some major traffic in only a few weeks, and within a month, Walter supposedly had sex with a girl named Samantha. There was a summary written by Walter about that evening. My brain is still on fire.

Shortly after having sex with Samantha, she broke his heart and dumped him, and then Walter's Mission began anew; this time he would need two million hits to get to have sex with a real college girl. The new challenge looked promising, but it disappeared mysteriously only two weeks after being issued.

As to the validity of the site, no one can really confirm it; its authenticity remains a mystery to this day. Several signs point to a hoax, such as the extremely bad photograph of young Walter, the extremely good photographs of some of the girls, and the general concept that anyone would trade sex for hits. Then again, stranger things have happened.

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