Although Taiwan is heir to a Buddhist tradition going back hundreds and hundreds of years, I have found quite a bit of difficulty finding vegetarian food in the city of Tainan. There are vegetarian cafeterias and some restaurants offering vegetarian options, but the first is usually wanting in taste and in a non-vegetarian restaurant, it is hard to tell if what you are getting truly does not contain meat.

Which is why I am glad I found Vonny's Garden, located in Tainan's fashionable Eastern District. It offers a wide variety of vegetarian dishes. Most of the dishes are based around rice and noodles, with only a small amount of simulated meat thrown in. The fake meat is of such a quality that it is only the occasional presence of nuns in the restaraunt that makes me believe it is not actually meat. The restaraunt serves customers with fast, efficient service, and food can either be eaten in or taken out. For those eating in, or waiting for their food, the restaurant has a nice cafe atmosphere, with a selection of books and magazines to read, and Western music to listen to. They seem to be to some degree a Buddhist restaurant, since they have a variety of magazines and free sutras for customers to take.

The dishes served at the restaurant include rice with various flavorings, noodles served with flavorings, various smoothies and juices, and two specialities: Pizza Rice, a bed of rice and vegetables covered with cheese, and the Oreo McFlurry.

For those seeking a vegetarian meal in Tainan, Vonny's Garden on the second section of Linsen Lu may be the best option.

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