Victory of the Daleks is the third episode of the fifth series of the revival Doctor Who, starring Matt Smith as The Eleventh Doctor and Karen Gillam as companion Amy Pond.

As the title suggests, this episode features the Daleks, perennial foes of The Doctor in both of the shows runs. And once again, the Daleks, thought long to be defeated, relaunch themselves as a new menace. Which is a plot that has been done many times in Doctor Who.

The specifics of this adventure involve the Doctor and Amy going to blitz-era World War II, where Winston Churchill has summoned them to show them his secret weapon in the war against the nazis: Daleks, supposedly the invention of a British Professor. They are referred to as "Ironsides" and seem to be servile creations. However, the Doctor sees through the ruse, although in a way that plays into the Dalek's hands. The episode ends with the Earth saved from Dalek destruction, but with new Daleks (looking like something from IKEA) being generated, to trouble The Doctor at some later time, as they always do...

Honestly, this episode was good, but I get the idea that it was written as a generic Doctor versus Daleks episode, and it doesn't seem to fit in very well with the rest of the series. During Steven Moffat's tenure on Doctor Who, the Daleks have been demoted from the existential enemies of The Doctor to a minor nuisance. This episode is a good adventure, but its characterization and themes are a bit underdeveloped compared to what we will soon see.

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