Released in 2002 by White Wolf Publishing, "Victorian Age: Vampire" is a sourcebook for the company's popular roleplay game "Vampire: the Masquerade."

"Victorian Age: Vampire" allows storytellers to transport their players from the world of television, electric lights and information technology with which they are familiar to a very different place altogether.

The Victorian World of Darkness is a world just emerging into the age of science and industry. The advent of the steam engine and the telegraph have revolutionised transport and communications. Sigmund Freud is conducting work which will go on to become the basis of our understanding of the human mind. The social order is changing as the working classes, inspired by the ideals of Marxism, begin to question the system of aristocracy which keeps them from attaining a higher quality of life.

This is a world of dramatic change - but the fears and superstitions of old still hold firm in the minds of many.

It is an era of secret societies and religious sects. Spiritualism is common among the wealthy elite, and many an evening is spent in the attempt to communicate with those on "The Other Side." And in the dark, fog shrouded streets of Whitechapel, someone, or something, stalks the women of the night.

"Victorian Age: Vampire" is mostly comprised of background information from the Victorian period - both factual accounts of the Victorian era and fictional portrayals of the secretive world of the Childer of Caine.

This is not a book for storytellers who enjoy conducting chronicles where success is determined by the body count at the end of the game. Chronicles based around "Victorian Age: Vampire" will be subtle. Intrigue, uncertainty and creeping dread are the order of the day, as opposed to sex, violence and vulgarity (not to say that these elements are not present in the Victorian environment, but they are severely repressed).

Very few actual rules changes are made, and it is even suggested that storytellers employ dice-light or even dice-free systems based on White Wolf's rule set.

If you enjoy well crafted stories and skilful roleplaying then "Victorian Age: Vampire" is for you.


Developed by Justin Achilli.

Written by Justin Achilli, Kraig Blackwelder, Brian Campbell, Will Hindmarch and Ari Marnell.

Art by Mike Danza, Guy Davis, Rebecca Guay, Vince Locke, Matt Mitchell, Christopher Shy, Richard Thomas, Ron Thompson and Andy Trebbold.

Produced by White Wolf Publishing.

216 pages + character sheets

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