Victor/Victoria is a musical comedy movie made in 1982, and was directed by Blake Edwards. The script was written by Blake Edwards, Hans Hoemberg, Reinhold Schunzel. It is a remake of a German film from 1933, Viktor und Viktoria.

Victoria is a struggling singer in Paris, France, who no one seems to need her talents. She has quite an excellent voice, and a beautiful face, but no one has a place for her. Her clothes are close to being ragged, and she lives in a dump of an apartment that she hasn't been able to pay the rent for. She's so hungry that she's willing to give away her body for a meatball stain.

In a plan to scam herself a free meal, she takes a cockroach from her apartment and plans on having a huge meal and then placing the cockroach in her salad. This way she scams the restraunt into giving her a free meal.

At the time of her meal, she gets introduced properly to Toddy, a gay singer, who until about a few minutes ago worked at the club that Victoria had last auditioned for. Toddy and Victoria get off well, and become friends rather quickly, sharing the same bed to give each other warmth from the cold weather outside.

Events lead up to Victoria wearing some of Toddy's ex-boyfriend's clothes, her own clothes being soaking wet from the previous night's weather. Toddy gets an amusing idea for them to make money. Victoria can pretend to be a male who is a female impersonater. For many clubs are looking for a good female impersonater! So Toddy comes up with a story for the new and amazing Victor. Amazingly enough, they're able to pull off this scam.. until the mob boss, King Marchand, watches the show. He doesn't believe that Victor is a man...

Wonderful acting all around! It's also very strangely amusing to see Julie Andrews, as Victoria, in a less than pure role. The comedy is great, and this is a movie to watch even for people that aren't musical afficiandos. The musical part of the movie really just helps to hold it togethor as part of the story, instead of there being huge dance scenes with people on the street.

Main Cast:
Julie Andrews - Victor/Victoria
James Garner - King Marchand
Robert Preston - Toddy
Lesley Ann Warren - Norma
Alex Karras - Squash
John Rhys-Davies - Cassell
Graham Stark - Waiter
Peter Arne - Labisse
Sherloque Tanney - Bovin
Michael Robbins - Hotel Manager
Norman Chancer - Sal
David Gant - Restaurant Manager
Maria Charles - Madame President
Malcolm Jamieson - Richard
John Cassady - Juke


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