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My bonafide's homenode.

Because wordnerd told me I needed statistics on my homenode: 100%.

Thanks to everyone who has cooled my nodes thus far:

gitm, Taliesin's Muse, Brontosaurus, aneurin, anthropod, riverrun, Posmella, oakling, wordnerd, Simpleton, jessicapierce, montecarlo, kanoodle, dannye, Jet-Poop, sid

My nodes by type:

Francis Beaufort
Barney Ford
Robert Livingston
Babe Didrikson Zaharias
William Smith - by the way, someone needs to node about another William Smith - the chief justice of New York - in that node as well...
Thomas "Black Jack" Ketchum

Colorado State Capitol
Louisiana State Capitol
Hawaii State Capitol

No bake peanut butter balls
Galliano - some of drinks referenced either need to be noded or have a recipe including Galliano added

At some point I hope to have a node on all the U.S. state capitol buildings, or at least inspire someone else to node about them...Oh c'mon. There's only 47 state capitol buildings to go!