Gone are the days when the letters had to be turned around on their frictionless axes of wealth. We stare now at 52 impenetrable and soulless moniters. Just touch them, Vanna, and they automagically reveal a new letter in dazzling black and white.

But why should she have to touch them at all? They're just a bunch of TV's, right? Give her a remote control and let her simply point at the letters. You want to buy a vowel? An "E"? Well there they all are -- uncovered with one luxurious flick of the wrist.

You know, Pat Sajak can handle a remote as well as Vanna. Just give it to him and let Vanna have a little rest.

Actually, Pat is pretty busy already. I'll bet the guy behind all those screens has been itching to turn the letters himself ever since he landed that job. Toss the remote and let him do it from the control room.

Oh, and by the way, Vanna, could you just stand towards the back of the stage so the control room guys can have a better view? That's great.

Well, now you're standing in front of the new car, and that's no good. How about right over there -- just slightly off camera, m'kay? Perfect!

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