Created by writer/actor/drag queen Charles Busch, this campy play has attracted significant notoriety, at least in part for its over-the-top title. The story begins in one of the ancient "twin cities" of Sodom and Gomorrah, where a virgin sacrifice to one of the titular vampire lesbians awakes and bites back, thus justifying the title's plural.

Centuries later, in 1920s Hollywood, our Nosferettes have become silver screen vamps, who continue to draw in and devour scantily-clad young women, with the help of scantily-clad male slaves. Eventually, their actions draw the attention of a vampire hunter, and they are required to make some lifestyle changes.

The pair meet again in the 1980s Las Vegas, where their undead lives have taken amusing turns, arguably for the worse. Eventually, they decide to stage the musical of their lives, which the audience is watching.

The play combines camp silliness, biting satire, outrageous costumes, semi-nudity, and infectious musical numbers such as "This Vixen's Gonna Bite Back." It opened in 1984 at the Limbo Lounge in New York's East Village, and in 1985 moved to the Provincetown Playhouse, where its 5-year run placed it among the longest-running off-Broadway musicals in New York theatre history.

Productions continue, from time to time, at least at those venues willing to stage something called Vampire Lesbians of Sodom.

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