Unhappily Ever After happened to have shared some of the same writers as Married with Children. Making a point out of this, one night the talking bunny clearly enumerated the many many differences: there was an extra child on UEA, three dogs instead of one (until they all got written out of the show), and it was a talking rabbit, not a talking dog. (This also had the benefit of making it clear the the talking stuffed bunny was a bunny, as opposed to a dog, or perhaps a weird-looking teddy bear.)

The early shows were brilliant, focusing on Jack Malloy (the deranged father) and his alter ego Mr Floppy. As time went on, the incredibly annoying grandmother character was written out, and then the even more annoying mother, to give more time to Nikki Cox, who played the daughter, Tiffany Malloy. This turned out to be a mistake, since Mr. Floppy and his rants were much funnier than Nikki Cox was sexy. (This is not to say that Nikki Cox didn't look pretty good in the first few seasons, but she still had nothing on Mr. Floppy's outrageousness.)

Every show for the first few seasons ended with Letters to Mr. Floppy. When this ended, the original Unhappily Ever After theme music was played during scenes of the live characters dancing around in tuxedos (except for Nikki Cox, in a dress) and Mr. Floppy in sunglasses, with a cigarette.

The characters of Ryan Malloy, played by Kevin Connolly, and Ross Malloy, played by some annoying little twerp, never got as much airtime. In my opinion, this was sometimes a mistake when it came to Ryan, since he was an extremely effective foil to both Tiffany and Jack.

It's currently in reruns on Fox, usually really really late at night. I suggest you watch it if you like biting, ego-centric, chauvanistic humor.

For the first five episodes or so, Unhappily Ever After had original theme music. It was then changed to Hit the Road, Jack, which both refers to divorce (the husband and wife combo in UEA were divorced and then remarried), the husband's first name, and (at least in my mind) jackrabbits (the show's main claim to fame is that it featured a pyschotic, Drew Barrymore-obsessed talking bunny).

One night, the bunny was ranting about how things used to be, early in the show's existence. Suddenly, he broke into song - the words to the original theme. (The schizophrenic husband accompanies him on the rake, playing air guitar, and duets on the last verse.)

We married young,
Because of Cupid.
And had three kids,
Because we were stupid.

She kicked me out,
She's not my honey.
But she still wants me,
When she needs money.

Now I'm alone,
Come rain or sunny.
But who needs love,
I've got my bunny.

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