This is the title of the second studio album by the Philly-based jam band The Disco Biscuits, released in 1998 on Hydrophonics Records. The track list is:

In terms of compositional style, this is probably the most Phish-influenced album I've ever heard. But the type of song structure the band goes for is not the space funk or straight ballads Phish was crafting at the time. Rather, it harkens back to the multi-part opus formula that Trey Anastasio got bored with around 1992. Basically it's a "genre blender" approach--throw in some funk, jazz, blues, and rock and link them all with complex twisty melodies. The Disco Biscuits (or Bisco, as hardcore fans call them, for economy's sake) are also fearless when it comes to synthesizers.

What's especially noteworthy, though, is that the members of this band are able to jam on this album to an degree of success Phish was never able to capture. The towering swirl of Aceetobee, the beatific rush of I-Man, the techno-fied buzz of Little Betty Boop--they all, in spots, wonderfully portray the joy of mutual spontaneous improvisation. The chops on these guys ain't bad either.

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