At first it’s Maria Magdalena crying. She had wept for a long time – now she was reduced to sobbing, barely audible. She earned her living as a prostitute, but Jesus cleansed her. Judas Iscariot enters. He limps. He is ugly. Like most insecure people he brags a lot. He can easily steal, lie, even kill, but somehow remains faithful to Jesus, with dog-like loyality. A couple hours ago he saw Jesus die, because of his betrayal. Both of them can’t believe what happened. Upon seeing Judas, Maria is hysterical.

Judas: Woman! Maria! Where is Jesus, I ask you. Where is he?

Maria: You know yourself, where our teacher is! He was crucified yesterday, oh Judas the Traitor.

Judas: Me, traitor? How dare you woman! Me, the only one, devoted enough to stand by his side, until the end, until the very second he died.

Maria: You do not know what you’re talking about, you treacherous brute. If it weren’t for you he wouldn’t have died.

Judas: Someone had to do it Maria. You know it. Someone had to betray him. One of us. Those… those favorite students of his, too conceited to even find a place to sleep for the night, they wouldn’t have done it. Someone had to… Don’t you understand?

Maria: Don’t mock me, you cruel beast of a man! You betrayed him, and now you come and make ungodly excuses, to make me….

Judas: Everyone turned away from Judas. Poor, ugly Judas the Traitor, with his ungodly ideas and ungodly face. Where was John, handsome John when He died? Hiding away in a hole, hiding from the guards.

Maria: Cruel Judas and cruel fate killed Jesus.

Judas: Where was Peter, great, strong Peter, with the sword I gave him? Denying the name of Jesus, Maria! Three times, before the rooster crowed, just like Jesus, Himself told us.

Maria: Damn you for saying his name. (at this point she just wants to get away, so Judas might be holding her)

Judas: Where was Thomas, questioning Thomas? Andrew! Less! Simon! Matthew! Where were they all? They could have drowned the guards in their own blood, could have made Him live a few seconds longer!

Maria: He wanted them to let him die! I heard him …

Judas: Jesus the selfless! Jesus who had to drink all of the humankind’s sins! Of course he didn’t want them die! But if they loved him, loved him like I did, they would have tried, tried with all their might… But they are traitors! Traitors! And will forever be traitors!

Maria: Don’t touch me! You’re mad! (she exits, running)

Judas (takes out a knife): Everyone turned away from Judas…. righteous, selfless, loving Judas. They hung Jesus Christ on the cross to kill him, and will kiss the cross. Traitors! Dirty… Teacher! Can you hear me? You know, right? Teacher? You understand?

Disclaimer: this is not meant to offend anyone's religious views or to get feedback on the piece; it simply offers a different look from the usually accepted "traitor" stereotype thrown onto the persona of Judas. Judge as you will, it is merely a different outlook on an ancient document.

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