The UK Independence Party? Aren't they like, racist?

Although they sound a bit like the far more bigoted and generally unelectable British National Party, the UK Independence Party (UKIP) aren't racist, simply because their main policy is simply complete and immediate withdrawal from the European Union-no more, no less. It was founded in 1993 to try to achieve this end, and so far they have won three seats in the European Parliament, a position which carries with it big healthy spoonfuls of delicious irony.

Rather than being outwardly racist and spiteful like the BNP, the UKIP are more paranoid: they believe that participation of Britain in the EU will lead the country to ruin, and it's not good for business, the economy or the world in general. Their stance against the Euro is far more hardline than the Lib Dems, Labour and the Conservatives.

They do in fact have a policy on asylum seekers, but it is less hardline than the BNPs (although that isn't hard) and closer to the Conservative Party's. It also doesn't make the idiotic mistake of adding in stupid criteria (e.g. "War refugees can come, so long as they're white and from mainland Europe"). Indeed, they proudly state that they want members from all ethnic groups, and put out ads talking about the EUs participation in discrimination. They also want to do away with political correctness, probably more to do with being confused with the BNP (whom they have very little in common with).

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