Crazy things happen when two girls get together. The other day I was talking with a friend of mine who has a house but no car. Right now she's attached to a guy who pays two of their joint bills: anything to do with their dog and anything to do with their car. My friend pays for everything else. Having to tell a grown man what to do is insulting to the man and makes the woman sound like a nag. Maintaining your car reduces the likelihood that there will be an expensive repair due to a blown engine if the oil wasn't changed as it should have been. My friend shouldn't have to tell anyone this. She also shouldn't have to remind her partner that their oil change is now past due as they have agreed that anything car related is his responsibility.

My other friend doesn't have problems with her partner and the car. His vices are less easy to define but I'm going to give it a whirl. Say you have something important or something you're excited about. Most people read social cues well enough to reciprocate interest and further the converstion. For example, if someone bursts into the room and exclaims: 'I can't believe I've been offered this incredible opportunity!' other people in the room will usually ask the newcomer to expand their statement. They will prompt the speaker for details, while the speaker is elucidating people who are cued in to the conversation will nod, ask further questions and if they believe that the opportunity is incredible will probably do things that positively reinforce the general air of excitement.

Now take that scenario and replay it to my friend's boyfriend. A speaker bursts into the room, drops a statement and acts in a manner that indicates excitement. My friend's boyfriend would probably retain his perpetually bored expression although he might say something like: 'I can't believe it either' in a monotone voice. Worse yet he might just sit there. At parties he will sit in the same position without moving for hours at a time, sometimes falling asleep on a couch or in a chair. He makes a point of disdaining food and beverages that are proferred, he may wander off by himself or go to an unoccupied room of the house where the party is being held. While he claims that parties are not his thing his girlfriend Jasmine says he ought to know enough about how to get along with others to play along. When he gets drunk I have seen him swing too far the other way, we've gotten apologies for his behavior however us girls agree that he really ought to know better.

When my friends invited me out to lunch I couldn't go due to a scheduling conflict. I was supposed to be meeting my sisters, my little sister was recently in an accident, the rest of us were going to try and help my sister pick out a new vehicle as hers was totaled. It was a tiring day and I was looking forward to a cozy chat with my friend who had gone out to lunch with my other friend. Amy and Jasmine used to work together, they're both tired of their partners being immature and irresponsible and during the ride back from lunch they decided to do something about it. Jasmine has a car while Amy has to try and figure out what to do with her mother's condo. Recently her mother moved in with her boyfriend. The condo is quite a ways from where Jasmine lives but she works from home so where she lives isn't critical.

Amy wants to break up with her partner but works about half an hour away from her house. Her mother's condo is just a few blocks from where she lives now but if she leaves her partner she gives up the use of his car. When the girls called me up they wanted to know what I thought about the two of them living together. I've known them both for a little over a year. They have their faults, (who doesn't), and I can see advantages and disadvantages of them sharing living space. What I'm most impressed with is that both of these women are on the verge of doing something about intolerable relationships. Often times people are afraid of going out on their own. This is a scary thing if you are used to having another person share your bills and burdens however might it not work to have these two live together, sharing a house and a car?

During my conversation with Jasmine and Amy they asked what I thought. While they have worked together living together creates challenges that may not arise during a forty hour work week. We reviewed some potential scenarios. Jasmine is going to view Amy's mother's condo before she commits to anything. They're going to sit down and work out budgets, how to split the joint bills and what Amy would do if Jasmine needed her car when she needed a ride to work. My reply to them was it's so crazy it just might work. Two girls; one house, one car. People putting their brains together, throwing off stagnant relationships and working together to forge something new. It is also quite possibly a better use of time, money and materials than some of the online ideas two other female internet users have come up with.

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