Took a plane to see a boy
He said he couldnt wait
To kiss my lips and hold me tight
And love me the way a fella should
I rode that plane with quiet trepidation
And a fear that filled my heart
Other boys said other things
And none had yet delivered
A girl can only be taken for so many rides
Can this girl survive one more?

Sarah says she would be the one to hold you down
Tori never was the cornflake girl
Mazzy wants to fade into you and i just dont know what to do

I spent two weeks in Canada
In the arms of the sweetest boy
He held my hand and kissed my lips
And loved me like a lover should
And now im back in The City of Angels
More alone than i was before
Now i dont know which way is up
And this girl wants another chance
Maybe love doesnt always fall apart
Maybe something in me's changed

a will-be song, written by me, last night, 12:30 a.m., for my Davey

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