From: The Thorough Good Cook

Entrees: 16. Turban of Fillets of Rabbits.

Take four young rabbits; detach the fillets, also the inside fillets; the eight large ones should be neatly larded with bacon and the eight smaller garnished with truffles, according to fancy, or thus: Lay them on the table, and with a very sharp knife make slanting incisions from one end to the other; then take a round cutter the width of the fillet, and scoop some pieces out of large truffles, and with a sharp knife slice them as thin as possible; place in each incision a round piece of truffle, and press the flesh close-the truffle will then remain in place. Make a farce of the flesh of the legs of the rabbit; then cut a piece of bread for the centre of the dish, cover the bread with slices of fat bacon-it will be more easily removed, when the turban is done, if the bread is divided into four pieces; raise the farce equally round the bread on the dish it is to be served on, form it into the shape of a turban, then place the eight large fillets in a slanting form all round the turban, equally divided, and between each a small fillet with truffles; press them lightly to make them secure, cover the whole with layers of bacon and thin white paper, and tie string round the paper ; these bake in an oven, not too hot. When you think the farce is sufficiently set, remove the bread which is inside (before you take off the bacon) by taking out one quarter at a time, and then take off the outside covering; glaze the fillets, and insert a ragout of cocks'-combs, truffles, and mushrooms in the opening where the bread was taken out.

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