As you may or may not know, the peninsula of Cape Cod lies on the East Coast of the United States and is shaped like a person's curled arm. At the "wrist" of this arm lies the small town of Truro, Massachusetts.

First settled in 1676, Truro was not incorporated until 1709. It is a part of Barnstable County. The community is bordered on the north by Provincetown, on the south by Wellfleet, on the east by the Atlantic Ocean, and on the west by Cape Cod Bay. Some quick facts:

  • Population: 1,573 (year-round)

  • Total Area / Land Area: 26.32 / 21.06 sq. mi.

  • State Representation: Senator Rober O'Leary, Representative Shirley Gomes

  • Health Facilities: None

A very small, rural community, Truro is primarily a vacation spot for beach-goers who want a taste of the character of "Old-fashioned" Cape Cod. On the ocean is Ballston Beach, while on the Bay are Fisher and Ryder Beaches. All are protected as National Seashore. Incidentally, among the summertime residents of the town is the mother of famous actor/writer Ben Affleck.

Finally, Truro is notable as a historical locale. At Corn Hill, the Pilgrims arriving on the Mayflower found a cache of Indian corn, saving them from starvation. Also in Truro was the spring where they found their first drink of fresh water in the New World. In addition to all this, Truro is home to the famous Cape Cod Light, a lighthouse first erected in 1797 and rebuilt in 1857. This landmark is at risk of being literally washed away by the sea if Truro does not receive fiscal aide in saving the lightouse from the perils of erosion! As a whole, Truro is a community rich in historical heritage.

On a more personal note: in the extremely small town center of Truro is to be found perhaps the absolute best place for Hawaiian Shaved Ices, a small shack called ParadIce. If you are ever in the area, you owe it to yourself to try one out!


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