The next incarnation of online Triple Triad. Can be played at (also referred to as TTX or I do believe the site requires that you have Internet Explorer to be able to play (cursed Microsoft).

Players register with the site (for free) to recieve their starter deck of 15 cards. The cards themselves were created from images from Final Fantasy IV, V, VI, VIII, IX, and Final Fantasy Tactics. The site owners have also created a special edition deck for Final Fantasy VIII, using the CGI images of all the main characters in the game. These cards can be obtained by spending points on packs in hopes of pulling one of these rare gems.

Players play the game for points. 8 points are awarded for a win, 2 for a loss, and 5 for a tie. Points can be redeemed at the card shop portion of the site for new cards, either individually or in packs of five.

All of the original rules found in Triple Triad have been duplicated on TTX, including a new rule called "Plus Wall". Plus Wall was not implemented in the original Triple Triad found in Final Fantasy VIII. Plus wall counts the outside border of the play grid to have a value of 10 (represented by the hex digit A). If a card is played and the side of the card that's touching the outside border and another side that's adjacent to another card have numeric values that add to the same number, the card will be flipped over to the player who just played his/her card. This rule is better illustrated below.
                   |  4  |  4  |
                  A|6   7|9   5|
                   |  5  |  7  |  
The card on the left was just played. The left side 6 added to the value of the border (10) adds to 16. The opponent's card to the right has a value of 9 on the left side. Added to the 7 of the right side of the card just played, that value also adds to 16. This satisfies the requirements of the Plus Wall rule, and the opponent's card is flipped over to the player's color.

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