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This is a very simple but nonetheless excellent side dish or addition to a more complicated main. It has a rich flavour courtesy of the herbs and garlic and would go well with anything from Steak (cook in the same pan and deglaze then throw on top) to stuffed Chicken Breasts. You could also use it as a delicious basis for an omelette filling.

Ingredients: (serves one, scale appropriately) Herbs and Spice: (this isn't far removed from Herbes de Provence which would be an acceptible substitute) Method:
        Pour the oil into the pan and brush it over the entire surface. This minimises the oil required whilst providing a uniform coating
        Slice the onion into rings and set aside
        Slice the tomatoes into 1/8 segments then in half and set aside
        Slice the garlic as finely as possible and add to the onion (Truffle slicers are excellent for this, garlic graters are good too)
        Heat the pan to a medium heat
         Throw the tomato, pepper and salt into the pan as soon as the oil begins to smoke and stir briefly
         Wait until the tomato begins to break down slightly and add the remaining ingredients excepting the wine
         Stir regulary until the onion begins to clear and bits of tomato begin sticking to the pan (about three to five minutes on a medium heat)
         Throw in the wine and stir and scrape with a wooden spoon or spatula to deglaze the pan and serve immediately

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