Tofu Seviche Salsa:

Chop roma (Italian plum) tomatoes into eighths. Coarsely chop red and green bell peppers. Finely chop white onion. Mince several jalapeno and serrano chiles. Add cotton or silken tofu cut into large squares. Toss.

The previous day you will have squeezed enough fresh lime juice to cover the tofu into a bowl and added several pieces of kombu. Then added more lime juice. Then add some grapefruit juice. Remove the kombu and pour the juice over the vegetables and tofu.

Season with salt and fresh cracked black pepper. Sprinkle capers, black, white, pink, and green peppercorns throughout. Add escarole leaves and stems cut into about the same size as the bell peppers, arranged around the edges.

Allow to rest for several hours so that the lime juice “cooks” the tofu and serve well-chilled.

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