From: The Thorough Good Cook

Fish: 40. To Boil a Cod's Head. Wash it clean; tie it up and dry it with a cloth. Allow for every three measures of water, one of salt; when it boils, take off' the scum, put in the fish, and keep it boiling very fast for twenty-five minutes. Serve with it the roe cut into slices and fried with the chitterlings; garnish with curled parsley and horseradish.
Sauces: Oyster, melted butter, or anchovy and butter.
When the cod is to be kept for two or three days, cleanse it thoroughly and sprinkle it with nearly equal proportions of salt and sugar; and before it is boiled, cut it into slices three inches thick; lay these in salt and water for two hours, changing the water once ; tie them in a cloth, and keep them in boiling salt and water for fifteen minutes.

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