The Few, the Proud, the Titanium Chefs!

After watching an episode of Iron Chef, I came up with the idea of a competition for everything similar to the Iron Chef, however I did not get this idea from watching that episode, since we don't want to get Nate and dem_bones sued by FujiTV's lawyers.

The Everything Titanium Chef

The Titanium Chef of Everything is determined by Linear Challenges. That is, If Bob is the Titanium Chef, someone else must challenge and defeat him in a best of seven matchup in order to become the Titanium Chef. If the Titanium Chef dies or retires, then a single elimination tournament with as many as 64 Everything Chefs will occur in order to determine the new Titanium Chef.

Titanum Chef Tournament Process

Chef Selection:

Selection occurs for A maximum of Three days. If more than Sixty Four Chefs enter the tournament then a qualifying round is held in order to determine the sixty four entrants. If fewer than sixty four enter, then the tournament brackets (Single Elimination) will be filled accordingly. Rank the Chefs according to their Win Percentage, if a chef has no wins or losses, they must be ranked under chefs that do, preferably according to their apparent preformance in the qualifying round. Starting brackets place #1 against #64, #2 against #63 and so forth.

The Qualifying round is preformed by the tournament director, (who does not have to participate in the qualifying round, but if he wants in, then he is automatically ranked at #64.) who creates a node in the format of [TCT MM/DD/YY& Qualifier], where he places the requirements for the writeups of recipies.

This is done in the following format.

Event: Titanium Chef Tournament, 01/01/01
Style: (For instance, Soup, Chicken, Meat, etc. anything goes
        As long as it's obvious, the style could be 'Tabasco'
        which would make for a very intresting qualifier.)
Price Range: (How much it costs for each ingredient)

Then people are allowed to add their writeups to qualify for the tournament. There is no requirement for the style of the writeups. Obviously it's a recipe. The criteron on which these are judged (by three judges who cannot participate, found before hand.) are:

  • Style of recipe, format, layout, presentation of the recipe.
  • Whether or not the recipe follows the format, i.e. does it use the style, is it within the price range, can you find the ingredients? etc.
  • The complication (or preferably lack thereof of the instructions), the easier and more useful the recipe is, the better.
  • Originality
  • And most importantly, Taste.

After the qualifying round the brackets are released and all participants in the qualifing round notified of the release of the brackets via the chatterbox.

Single Elimination:

Each matchup in the brackets hard links to the matchups in the format of

[Noder_one vs Noder_two mm/dd/yy Round x]

In those writeups the Judges ask for the Style, Price Range, and date due, then the two participants add writeups of recipes, any writeups submitted before the match writeup and the two recipe writeups should be summarily nuked. There is normally two Days for adding the recipe. After both recipes have been finished, (with a large H1 "FINISHED" in the writeup") the match director adds the recipies to his writeup, and people are then free to comment on the two recipies and the match in general. Three judges vote, and the winning participant advances to the next round.

The final round:

Diffrent from all of the previous rounds since the winner becomes the Titanium Chef Everything. A series of at Least Seven matches ensues, and the first to win Four matches and lead by two wins becomes the Titanium Chef Everything.

Normal Linear Challenges:

In order to challenge the Titanium Chef he has to either simply accept your challenge or you can simply challenge and defeat a bunch of other chefs and defeat them making you the obvious person who should challenge him. The normal match is a best of eight, a tie is a successful title defense.

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