Everyone has gone their different ways and I am left with the things I should have done,

I'm so sorry mom, I should have been more dilligent.


Will a suicide help me feel young again?

Where are all the friends from so long ago?

I dont understand the chain of time.


When the pressure gets too strong

I've got a constant nagging that theres another way, but what if you were wrong,

I know you cant unset the sun.


Will a suicide bring me back to days gone past and the people that Ive missed?

Where did it all go?

The chain of time is just too strong


January, January, january, January.


How long will you be gone?

Will you be back in time to harvest the peaches from the tree, back home on Tennessee?

You know they'll be just right in may.

If we meet again in 20 years at that place where I last saw your face, such a surreal scene.

We'll talk about the things you might have missed.


Such a peacefull scene, underneath the eucalyptus trees that grow upon the green.

Many years ago, I buried a friend where the cat grass grows.


If we meet again underneath the eucalyptus trees that grow upon the green

We'll lay down in the grass, and I promise that I wont ask why.

Time destroys all things.

The chain of time destroys all things.

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